Right now is the Second day when sho went to New York City T.T I really Wish i was there but i can't cause i have school...
Tomorrow i believe sho is going to be back in Japan!
Soo happy! i wonder if sho was happy in NYC?!
not to be rude or anything but then i think sho should of
came to Canada instead because in the USA u get to carry a gun where ever you go, and i just think that, that law is just stupid, What would happen
if ( not to jinx him or what so ever) some one got jealous * I know lots of people are jealous because he is Mr.perfect* and then just took out a gun and and... T.T can't go on i can't EVEN imagine! him getting yeah.. T.T SHO HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME BACK TO JAPAN!!

ok... so yeah

Now i'm really wondering if anyone is reading this... ok so if you are reading this then you are like yeahh cause what i said Before before was jsut what i THINK so don't u just go bugging in your own ideas!

Oh and  hate I REALLY MEAN HATE! Asian Wannabes! ok so if your NOT asian then PLEASE don't say your asian.... ok like on crunchy.. * yes i have a crunchyroll account* (Star5213) ok so on Crunchy theres this person that put them selfs as Korean... and well then it said Location: and she put Korea and then what she types wuz Such! a non korean typer seh typed like a white person " ok if NOW ur still reading this then you sorda get i'm talking all racesist but hey! NO AFFENCE OR ANYTHNG!
if you don't like reading this then move your mouse and Click on that X rght there yeah it's jstu on teh top right corrner! and ONE click away! so yeah

ok back to the story so then she was typing like fluent english and then i asked her, " Did you ever went to U.S.A or Canada to learn English?" adn then she was liek " nope!" THAT GIVES IT AWAY!!! it proves that she is NOT i REPEAT NOT! Korean... and Please if your not asian Please!! Don't put your profile saying that your Asian, and Please! Don't Go up to some one saying that YOUR Asian! * Unless you really are asian* so yeah End of Blog!