LATEST UPDATE x3 07/02/2009

Sighh~ well i Haven't been Updating my Website much so yea hear is the LATEST post lol xD Ok! so lets see.... YOU know how B4 i got a MP3 WELL NOW ME HAVE AN ipod Wooooot! ^^ Lol Well you dont have to guess what songs are in my iPod its of course Arashi songs xD and some other Japanese Songs 0-0 Ok so that is like the FIRST BIG EVENT I believe it happened.. April 21st 2009
Then A really Personal Thing Happened on April 22 2009 Sorry its confidential
thenn lets see.. OH yea! uhh FINAILY A CLASS TRIP! OUR FIRST AND EVER 8H CLASS TRIP! It was on June 18 2009 i believe.. *starts Playing the Arashi song Believe* Lol Thenn lets see... Ah! June 19th 2009 SCHOOL TUG-O-WAR! X3 Well we were hopeing that Out class would win but turns out 8B Mr.Ho's Class won T^T Then Ms.Blackburn's class 8E came in 2ed then 8H Vs 8A for 3ed Place! It was a WAR I TELL YOU WAR! It was a HARD battle 8A was pulling as 8H was jstu trying to fight againest it but we couldent SUDDENTILY a mircal happened! 8thought they won but they did not hear the Teacher blow teh whistle so 8A let go of the rope then us 8H didnt know and we were still pulling so then We continued to pull asll the boys just lifted the rope and put it on their Shoulders and started walking Foward which is Back wards 0-0.... and tehn JUst when the Marker was like 5CM Away from the Winning line Everyone fell down and then the boys in teh Front relized it and just yanked the Rope over the line! It was a GREAT Day! THen in the Afternoon we had our Party and Pizza too! It was Yummy desu~
Thenn lets see Ah! On the 29th of June 2009 MR4 ( Yiwen,Me,Sherry, and Karman) our Group Name 0-0 Went "Karaokay-ing" it was FUN we even have videos on Youtube xD LONG LIVE MR4 LET OUR FRIEND SHIP ALWAYS SAIL NEVER TO SINK!
And then... Theres Summerschool -_- Which was Today! July 2end 2009 Sigh To be in teh same Class as Keven Again is a Pain well at lease its better than Jason or Wei Zhao 0-0
Oh plus today i met this okay looking dude called Nicholas lol, Well Yea

Sigh Dream_arashi is a hard Community to get in to... (livejournal) 0-0 I swear if i get Rejected again im going to be pissed cause well Why make them Privete? its not like you OWN them =.= well lets just hope they dont see this~



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